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Terra Dynamics doesn’t just “serve” in the public works arena, we thrive in it. Whether it’s design/build, GC/CM or bid/build, we do it all! As a multi-disciplinary design and construction company, we provide a comprehensive scope of landscape architecture services including design and engineering, GIS mapping, site preparation, landscape development, irrigation, erosion control, SWPPP, hydroseeding, wetland management, roadside restoration, field/park construction and more.

Our staff of experienced experts are highly proficient with navigating the RFI and RFP processes. We pride ourselves on thorough and accurate submissions. We’re awarded a high percentage of the projects we compete for because we know the industry. Cities, counties and government municipalities throughout the region rely on our reputation for quality workmanship - completed on time, to specification, and on budget.

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Featured Public Works

I-5 SR16 Interchange Design Build

WSDOT / Skanska

2018 - 2020

Tacoma, WA

This project is one of several that make up a larger program to reduce congestion, improve safety and add HOV lanes in Pierce County. Terra Dynamic’s role included restoration of landscape disturbed by construction, amending existing soil to support new and restored landscape plantings and an irrigation system to assist in establishment. The entirety of the landscape installation encompassed 45 acres, over 8,000 plants, 2100 cy of topsoil, 14,500cy of compost, and 45 acres of hydroseed.

Landscaping along a freeway presents its own unique set of challenges. Terra Dynamic’s many years of experience in WSDOT projects prepared us to efficiently meet those challenges, including incorporating soils and planting in difficult terrain, working around live traffic while ensuring its continued flow, and vigilant and rigorous safety protocols. Keeping our crews safe is our number one priority.

SR 520 Eastside Transit & HOV


2013 - 2020

Spans Medina, Clyde Hill, City of Bellevue, Kirkland

The SR 520 Eastside Transit and High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Design-Build Project is a 3-mile-long roadway improvement project designed to reduce transit and HOV travel times, and enhance travel time reliability, mobility, access, and safety for transit and HOVs in rapidly growing areas along the SR 520 corridor east of Lake Washington. The project reconstructed SR 520 and all interchanges and overcrossings from Lake Washington to I-405 and helps reconnect the communities that were separated when the highway was built in the 1960’s.

This high-profile project spanned 45 acres and a duration of 7 years. Terra Dynamics’ scope of work included landscape restoration of areas disturbed by construction, wetland creation, storm water quality ponds, and a new over-structure park on the lid extending over 520, connecting previously separated neighborhoods. Terra Dynamics planted over 216,000 plants and installed 77,000cy of topsoil, compost and sand. Though predominantly a WSDOT project, several other agencies were involved and required detailed coordination, including the Dept. of Ecology and Fish and Wildlife. Access was a challenge, especially for placing 18’ trees in remote areas of the project, as well as contending with traffic and residential neighborhood constraints. We’re pleased to have had the opportunity to work with outstanding contractors and have our name associated with such a significant project.

Sound Transit Angle Lake Park and Ride

Graham/Harbor Pacific Joint-Venture


SeaTac, WA

Angle Lake Park and Ride boasts 1160 parking spaces with service connections from Angle Lake Station to the airport, downtown Seattle, and the University of Washington. The Angle Lake Transit Station and Plaza in an Envision certified Sustainable mixed-use facility consisting of a 1 acre connecting plaza and community event spaces, a drop off area for light rail users, retail space with dedicated bike storage and parking and a 35,000 square foot parcel for future transit-oriented development.

The landscape includes planting, soil and mulch, cobble and boulder placement, hydroseeding and low-water use irrigation system. Angle Lake was completed relatively smoothly. We experienced excellent communication and collaboration with the general contractor. However, even the smoothest project can have unforeseeable obstacles. One particular challenge we overcame was the previously designed cistern-assisted irrigation system, which did not perform as intended. Terra Dynamics studied the problem and quickly proposed several design solutions, one of which was implemented successfully; all plants are thriving.

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